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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Impact of Words fosters kindness and support

TCU Impact of Words encourages an environment of kindness and mental health support through fundraising and activities.

Binge drinking: An epidemic on college campuses across the country

Binge drinking is on the rise on college campuses, including TCU.

What no college student wants to talk about: STDs and how to prevent them

STDs are on the rise amongst college students, and the health center is here to help.

Peer support community works to improve mental health on campus

TCU Renew - Depression and Anxiety Peer Support Community started during COVID-19 via Zoom and has now moved in-person in Jarvis Hall.

Desperate call: TCU student from Kyiv drops everything to help people in her homeland

A TCU Ph. D. student uses her life's work to help her people in the chaos of war

TCU organization hosts Bravery Bag event to support medically vulnerable children

A Moment of Magic filled Bravery Bags with fun and encouraging items to take to children in hospitals in Houston.
Frog Fountain on The Commons

Former TCU employee claims racial discrimination led to her termination

A new lawsuit claims TCU violated a former employee's terms and conditions of employment because of her Hispanic race and disabilities.
John V. Roach Honors College

Longtime TCU champion John V. Roach dies at 83

The business mogul and tech pioneer who pushed TCU to new heights

Dickies Arena hosts opening rounds of March Madness

Dickies Arena in Fort Worth played host to the opening round of the March Madness tournament, bringing fans from all over the nation into North Texas.

Joe Biden visits veterans in Fort Worth

Biden visited veterans in Fort Worth to discuss issues such as health problems caused by burn pits.
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