Trump talks Democrats, impeachment at Dallas rally

President Trump spent his rally jawing at the Democratic party and their impeachment bid.

O’Rourke urges unity during Grand Prairie rally

O'Rourke held the rally at the same time as President Trump's event in Dallas, only 13 miles away.

What we’re reading: Most Texas House members disapprove of Trump’s Syria actions

House Democrats attempting to make college affordable and an attempt to use technology to limit drunk driving also found in headlines today.

Chinese response to NBA part of ongoing trend

It took just a 7 word tweet to ignite an ongoing confrontation between China and its most popular American sports league

What we’re reading: Arrest warrant issued for former Fort Worth police officer

The nation's longest auto strike in more than two decades also came one step closer to ending Tuesday.

What we’re reading: Turkey launches military operation in Syria, STDs at all time high

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced plans to launch a military offensive into Syria Wednesday

What we’re reading: A second whistleblower, four killed in bar shooting

A second whistleblower came forward in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump over the weekend.

What we’re Reading: Johnson & Johnson agree to settle in major opioid lawsuit

The pharmaceutical company is the fourth drugmaker to settle in the multi-state opioid trial.

Changes to Endangered Species Act scrutinized by activists

Changes to the Endangered Species Act allow the government to consider the economic benefits of species.

What we’re reading: Trump fed up with media, Guyger sentenced to 10 years for...

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hospitalized and a vintage World War II plane was involved in a deadly crash as well

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