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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What we’re reading: Settlement reached with Breonna Taylor’s family, Abraham Accord signed at White...

The city of Louisville reaches a settlement with Breonna Taylor's family, and Israel signs a peace deal with two Arab states.

What we’re reading: Fires in the Pacific Northwest continue, Trump holds indoor rally

The president's rally violated Nevada's limit on indoor gatherings Sunday night, while air quality is beginning to worsen as wildfires continue.

What we’re reading: Hurricane Sally moves north, Trump to visit California

Tropical Storm Sally approaches landfall while the Coronavirus pandemic exceeds 29 million cases.

What we’re reading: 9/11 commemorations, Wisconsin blocks absentee ballots

New Yorkers gather to commemorate 9/11 victims amid a global pandemic and reflect on the state's traumatic past.

What we’re reading: California wildfire threatens towns, Gov. Abbott backs law enforcement

Northern California residents are preparing to evacuate as a wildfire burns, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott backs a new law enforcement pledge.

What we’re reading: COVID-19 vaccine testing paused, NFL announces social justice awareness program

The league will allow players to wear decals displaying names or phrases to honor victims of racism and police brutality this season.

What we’re reading: Labor Day weekend sparks COVID-19 concerns, hundreds rescued in California wildfires

COVID-19 cases may spike after many Americans held large gatherings this Labor Day weekend

What we’re reading: Wildfires continue to burn, Trump bans racial sensitivity training

Trump labels diversity training as "anti-American," and Tropical Storm Paulette intensifies.

Students elect new SGA vice president

Voting for college, class and student body representatives closes today at 8 p.m.

SGA Vice Presidential Debate

TCU 360 staff moderated a virtual debate with the three vice presidential candidates for SGA.


What we’re reading: Presidential debate, COVID-19 deaths reach 1 million worldwide

Trump and Biden prepare for the first presidential debate while fires continue to burn through California.

What we’re reading: Justice Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in...

Two U.S. governors are calling the nation's response the worst in the world, and a Fort Worth woman files a complaint against Whataburger.
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