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Millennials have power to define the midterms. Will they use it?

Millennials are becoming one of the most significant voting populations in the upcoming midterms. But, if history reveals anything, they probably won't vote.

Political organizations and their efforts towards midterm elections

Young Republicans and Democrats at TCU have conversations to influence a higher voter turnout.

Have no fear, poll watchers are here

Poll watchers seem to play more of an integral role in the election process than ever before.

What we’re reading: Trump and Tensions

Today we've got a lot of tensions between Trump and the rest of the world; including China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

What we’re reading: From hurricanes to a heated administration

What we're reading.. the strongest storm to hit the U.S. since 1992 leaves the Florida panhandle devastated and Trump is maybe saying goodbye to another member of his administration.

The politics of Hollywood

With the Emmy's, AMA's and the upcoming People's Choice Awards, political influence on award shows is becoming a prominent topic of discussion.

What we’re reading: It’s hurricane season

What we're reading...Presdient Trump is hitting the campaign trail, an old face resurfaces... from prison and Hurricane Michael is slamming into the southeast.

Yard signs: A throwback in the digital age

Social media sites have seemingly been littered with partisan posts from friends and family as they advocate for candidates, but some people still rely on yard signs to do the job. 

What We’re Reading: Pop-stars and politics

Today we're reading about Stormy Daniel's tell-all book on Trump, Taylor Swift's political views and how a terrible disease is affecting citizens of Minnesota.

What we’re reading: U.S. gets closer to North Korean denuclearization tensions with China grow

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Kim Jong-un and with the Chinese Foreign Minister. Also the United Nations has a speed up predictions on climate change in new report.

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