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Friday, September 18, 2020

What we’re reading: Russia could interfere with 2020 election; Stone sentenced to 3.25 years

President Trump called the report about potential Russian interference another campaign of partisan interference against him.

What we’re reading: NASCAR driver in critical condition after crash, coronavirus causing economic suffering

NASCAR driver in serious condition and the coronavirus is taking over the economic industry.

What we’re reading: Bloomberg qualifies for primary debate, Trump pardons former 49ers owner

The former New York City mayor has now received over 10% of support in four national polls.

What we’re reading: 14 American passengers aboard cruise ship bring back coronavirus

Fourteen of the 300 Americans who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for coronavirus

Early voting begins Tuesday in Texas

The voting site at the Brown-Lupton University Union will be open for all 12 days of the early voting period.

What we’re reading: Harvard and Yale under investigation, Trump accuses Stone juror of bias

The two universities are accused of failing to report foreign gifts and contracts worth hundreds of millions

What we’re reading: Hubei province sees coronavirus’ deadliest day, woman allegedly steals $500k from...

A swarm of locusts exceeding one billion is also threatening crop land and food production in Eastern Africa.

What we’re reading: father arrested after running cult out of daughter’s dorm, federal judge...

The father faces life in prison after being charged with nine counts of sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor and money laundering.

What we’re reading: coronavirus death tolls continue to rise, “Parasite” makes history at The...

The coronavirus death toll surpassed that of the 2003 SARA epidemic, while Facebook settled a lawsuit over privacy rights.

TCU’s YAF talks cancel culture

The event was led by a commentator from the Daily Wire.


What we’re reading: Trump rebukes CDC director, Federal Reserve expects interest...

Trump rebukes COVID-19 guidelines, and the Federal Reserve expects interest rates will remain near zero until late 2023.

What we’re reading: Hurricane Sally causes record floods, Big Ten Conference...

Natural disasters lead to a spike in coronavirus cases in the U.S.
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