What we’re reading: Backyard shooting, Hong Kong protests, Trump considers testifying

President Trump is considering testifying in the impeachment inquiry and protests continue to escalate in Hong Kong in today's headlines.

What we’re reading: Jimmy Carter hospitalized, Disney+ launches

President Jimmy Carter to undergo surgery after a recent fall, Supreme Court is set to hear DACA arguments.

What we’re reading: House Democrats prepare for first public impeachment hearings

The ambassador said the aides implored her to undermine the president to "save the country."

What we’re reading: A letter from the whistleblower’s lawyer, Bloomberg potentially...

The White House receives a letter from the whistleblower. Michael Bloomberg is possibly running for president.

What We’re Reading: Republicans speculate on election results, new HIV strain...

Some Senate Republicans urged President Trump to change his tone and style in the wake of Tuesday's Democratic victories in Kentucky, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

What we’re reading: Fla. officials back Trump, news organizations refuse to...

Florida county officials are refusing to pay for The New York Times for their library and news organizations are remaining strong in their refusal to reveal the whistleblower's identity. (Photo courtesy of TCU 360)

What were reading: Trump rally, human trafficking, Paris Climate Accord, deadly...

Kentucky senator demands whistleblower to identify himself, Fort Worth arrests 23 in prostitution case, U.S formally leaving Paris Climate Accord, and a deadly massacre in Mexico that leaves nine Americans dead.

What we’re reading: Trump, homelessness, McDonald’s, O’Rourke

The president was ordered to hand over his tax returns while O'Rourke officially bowed out of the presidential race.

What we’re reading: Former Trump campaign advisor running for Rep. Katie...

Headlines for today also included a federal block on Alabama's abortion ban, the NCAA intending to let college athletes get paid and a candidate registering only to run false Facebook ads.

What we’re reading: Getty Museum will not move art as California...

A recall on a Xanax batch, Trump celebrating his third Halloween, Information and release dates for the new AirPods Pro, and Dip Manicures posing a threat of infection to customers are in headlines today.
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