45.7 F
Fort Worth
Monday, October 26, 2020

TCU Senior Patrick Boland

"It's been pretty sad to see the areas I grew up in underwater, and I'm nervous for my family the next few days as...
Photo Courtesy: Kenneth Annkoma-Sey

Class of 2017 alumnus Kenneth Ankoma-Sey

"It's been quite terrifying seeing cars float around and hearing so many helicopters over head." Ankoma-Sey and his family's house is high enough above sea...

The University of Houston-Downtown

Roads and bridges near the University of Houston-Downtown flooded.

Downtown Houston businesses

Businesses near Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston were flooded.

Bay Wash Laundry in Rockport

The coin laundromat on Magnolia Street in Rockport, Texas, was destroyed in the storm.

TCU alumnus Matt Carpenter pledges help for Houston


TCU mother Kim Gustafson reacts to Houston emergency response

"As a coastal city, Houston is no stranger to extreme weather. That being said, Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation to a level this city...

Scenes from Houston

The Corral

Before and after of The Corral sign. Victoria, Texas.
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