Bluebonnet Circle to become more pedestrian-friendly

Renovations coming to Bluebonnet Circle aim to make walking, parking and shopping easier for residents.

Primary election shows surge in voters for Democratic candidates

Primary election results will set the stage for the general election on November 6.

City to approve Westcliff rezoning, tackle loopholes that allow “stealth dorms”

Westcliff-area zoning from the 1940s is getting revamped at the petition of residents.

Social media has a growing effect on Fort Worth ice cream...

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms let the community show off their aesthetically pleasing treats and help local businesses connect with customers.

Schools help Fort Worth tackle a litter problem

Fort Worth students and staff join the city in clearing litter from around their neighborhoods, parks, schools and businesses.

Read Fort Worth aims to raise reading levels

Fort Worth schools are building four teams to help raise reading levels among elementary students.

Fort Worth recognized for growing music scene

Fort Worth musicians share their experience making music in a city that earned the first "music friendly community" designation from the Texas Music Office.

Fort Worth women’s march attendees emphasize the need to vote

First-time protesters, volunteers, Fort Worth residents and TCU students marched to support equal rights and to encourage voting in the upcoming midterm elections.

Upcoming construction on Bluebonnet Circle

Construction will begin in Bluebonnet Circle in January, and not everybody is happy about it.

Paschal janitor connects with high school students

One janitor has made a big impact on Paschal students.
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