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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Is TCU’s firework obsession because of Boschini? ‘It doesn’t hurt.’

It's not hard to find fireworks at a TCU celebration, and the school spends thousands on them each year. But the Chancellor says it's worth it.

SGA holds student memorial to honor lives of four students

The TCU community came together Tuesday afternoon to honor the lives of the four students who died this past year.

TCU’s diversity falls middle of the road compared to peer institutions

The university had its most diverse student body ever this year, but is continuing to push for more.

Delta Gamma goes for gold with Lectureship event

TCU welcomed Shawn Johnson to campus last week for an event hosted by Delta Gamma.

Cultural differences affect students studying in US

Students studying abroad must face cultural differences when living in a different country, but TCU international students are finding ways to deal with cultural...

TCU’s plan for the future

The Physical Plant has revealed its master plan and will include projects to help academic and student growth.

Students help elders “Cycle Without Age”

Residents of the Trinity Terrace retirement community enjoying the outdoors thanks to TCU student volunteers and Cycling Without Age.

Winner of TCU’s Got Talent makes up for missing out on contest last year

https://vimeo.com/193474295   Elise Shropshire won this year's TCU's Got Talent contest with a rendition of Adele’s “I Found A Boy,” on Friday. Shropshire said she picked an...

Students react to Plain White T’s

theEnd hosted the Plain White T's in a free concert Friday night.

Despite outcome, women celebrate their first vote for a woman candidate

Women reflect on voting for what they hoped would be the first female president.
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