Rhodes Scholarship finalist put herself second in athletics, academics

TCU's newest Rhodes Scholarship finalist didn't think she was worthy of the scholarship, but her professors and coaches disagree.

Boschini pushes to change alert system company

A multilingual alert system may be set in place next fall.

Tunnel of Oppression highlights different groups, encourages change

Tunnel of Oppression empowers students to be agents of change on campus.

Venezuelan migrant families manage struggles for citizenship in Colombia

More than 4 million people have fled economic and political chaos in a country that has been spiraling for more than a decade.

On-campus a cappella group offers performance opportunity and community

Here Comes Treble provides a place for women on campus to sing and create great friendships.

Former TCU football players speak on entrepreneurship during live podcast event

Former TCU football players reminisce on how football prepared them to be business professionals.

Tuition increase has no impact on admissions, but concerns still arise

The rise of tuition has yet to cause a negative impact on admissions.

New traffic light on Berry Street hopes to increase pedestrian protection

A new traffic light has been placed on Berry Street to increase pedestrian safety and allow access to Lot 9.

SGA to implement honor code on campus soon

SGA is working to implement TCU's honor code around campus.

Fraternity looks to highlight minority women through pageant

Miss Black and Gold pageant put on by TCU's chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity looks to uplift minority women
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