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The Saarloos mentality: The long road from player to newest coach for TCU baseball

Before TCU baseball's Head Coach Kirk Saarloos coached baseball, he played it. He fell in love not only with the game, but also with every little thing that went into practice, both physically and mentally.
Downtown Fort Worth

The city beat: Fort Worth, Texas

This is the first of an ongoing series of articles examining issues facing Fort Worth. The stories were reported and written by students in JOUR 30204. Working in teams, students explore issues through the Fault Lines of class, generation, geography, gender, sexual orientation and race.

Gen Z: An in-depth look at the generation as it comes of age

This report was compiled using reporting done by students enrolled in JOUR 40643 summer semester 2021 for Image Magazine's Spring 2022 issue.

Second Annual Reconciliation Day event to recognize TCU’s hidden figures

Second annual Reconciliation Day plans to acknowledge TCU's history with racism and slavery and celebrate steps toward reconciliation.

Don’t press send: Cyber ‘sextortion’ of students becoming more common at TCU

TCU Police are reporting an uptick in cyber blackmail cases among students.

Creating to cope: Local Ukrainian potters use their works to help their homeland, cope...

They watched from Flower Mound as major cities crumpled into ruins and millions of Ukrainians became refugees. They didn't just want to standby.

A dedication to sound: The Van Cliburn Concert Hall at TCU officially opens

The concert hall that's changing TCU's campus officially opened Thursday evening.
The Brown-Lupton University Union.

TCU admissions are more selective for Class of 2026

TCU is building more dorms as it struggles to find room for current and future students.

TCU 360, Horned Frog Yearbook both shine at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Convention

TCU 360 and Horned Frog Yearbook staff were recognized at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Convention.
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