What it’s like to wait in line for In-N-Out Burger


    ​TCU 360 editor-in-chief waited in line for more than two hours to get In-N-Out Burger. Not only was it tasty, but it was entertaining. Here are some of his accounts from the morning, starting from arriving at 5:45 a.m.

    We had a TCU 360 meeting, so I decided to work on the website until now. I popped the burger out and microwaved it. It was still incredibly delicious, although I feel pretty gross about eating a 4X4. In-N-Out was great and the experience was a lot of fun. Now I think it's time for some exercise, a long nap and some vegetables.

    9:16 a.m.
    More than 2,500 calories sit in front of me. It's just a bit past 9:00 a.m. and for some weird reason, this burger just doesn't seem quite as appetizing as I thought it would. I munch on a few fries, take a bite out of the 4X4 and put the rest in the fridge to enjoy during lunchtime.

    8:37 a.m.
    The moment of truth. What am I going to get? When in Rome, right?
    "4X4 animal style, animal style fries, and a chocolate shake, please," I say proudly. Naturally, I get it to go so I can come back to Moudy and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

    ​8:05 a.m.
    They bring everyone with wristbands, about the first 25 people, inside to introduce us to the first In-N-Out in Fort Worth. After a brief introduction and photo opportunity, it's time to order. I decide to go last out of the first group of people to see what everyone orders.

    7:42 a.m.
    Some of the employees are putting up tents to keep people cool. It looks like they also have some water jugs. Some more people are trickling in line. I'm starving!

    7:21 a.m.
    I just talked to a couple who grew up in California, and were the first in line. The man got here when he got off work at 6:30 p.m. last night. He worked for more than three years at an In-N-Out Burger by Six Flags in Los Angeles. They have the t-shirts and blanket to prove it.

    7:01 a.m.
    I'm asking around to see what people are ordering. The general consensus is a 4X4 "animal style" – That's four buns, cheese and grilled onions. Chocolate shakes also seem to be pretty popular.

    6:52 a.m.
    Some of the people waiting in line are singing. Others are talking about how bad their high school football team is. 

    6:38 a.m.
    The sun is coming up over downtown. It's actually very beautiful. I believe some of the people in line are about to light another tennis ball on fire. Once you've seen one tennis ball on fire, you've seen them all.

    6:30 a.m.
    We just got some yellow In-N-Out wristbands to differentiate us from the "posers" who will come later, as vice president Carl Van Fleet just told us.

    6:00 a.m.
    ​I just got to In-N-out. There are about 15 people here. One of them is lighting a tennis ball on fire, a few are sleeping and the rest are chatting. It's actually pretty nice outside.

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