Newsweek: TCU excels at partying, athletics and beauty


    TCU appeared in a few rankings this week in Newsweek and Daily Beast's College Rankings 2011 as the No. 7 party school, No. 3 most athletic and No. 21 most beautiful.

    Seventh on Best Party School List

    TCU was ranked the No. 7 party school in the nation by Newsweek. The ranking was determined by criteria including Greek life, night life and drug safety.

    TCU received a “C-“ for drug safety, an “A” in nightlife and an “A” in Greek Life.

    Despite the low marks on drug safety, Director of Communications Lisa Albert said students should learn from their mistakes and take advantage of Drug and Alcohol programs at TCU. "There is no doubt that students will make bad choices and get involved in alcohol and drugs," Albert said.

    College Prowler, a college search data provider that generated its data from surveys of students, provided the drug safety grade, the nightlife grade and the Greek life grade. Lower drug safety grades indicate greater use and access to drugs and alcohol on campus.

    According to Newsweek, in 2009 TCU had 39 drug law violations as well as 371 liquor law violations. The data was verified by the TCU Police Department's crime statistics

    On-campus drug and liquor law violations increased last year. Crime statistics showed that there were 67 drug law violations and 501 liquor law violations in 2010. 

    Third on Most Athletic List

    In another list on the College Rankings 2011, TCU placed third on the most athletic list.

    Financial aid per athlete came in at $23,198 and $0.49 of every instructional dollar spent on athletics.

    Criteria for the ranking included percentage of athletes as a total of undergraduate enrollment, financial aid per athlete, total athletic operating expenses and athletic spending per instructional dollar. All data was determined from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2009-2010 information.

    The study said 6.6 percent of total undergraduate enrollment at TCU was athletes and cited the total athletic operating expenses as $50,836,569.

    The momentum of TCU Athletics was a reflection of the university as a whole, Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen said. Cohen was excited and thought the ranking was great exposure for TCU. 

    TCU did not release athletic expenses so, the data from Daily Beast was not verifiable, Cohen said.

    21 on Most Beautiful List

    TCU rounded out a 21 on the most beautiful list of the Newsweek and Daily Beast’s College Rankings 2011.

    Journalism major Maddie Schmitt was flattered by the ranking. “It makes me feel like I’m beautiful, so that’s a good thing,” Schmitt said. Schmitt also questioned the ranking and felt beauty shouldn’t be judged or labeled.

    This ranking was determined from a collective report comprised of College Prowler’s male and female attractiveness, PopCrunch’s “50 Hottest Student Bodies” and The Best Colleges list of the “50 Most Beautiful Campuses.

    As students search for the perfect college, rankings like these can affect their decision of becoming a horned frog. Student reviews of campus life at TCU are welcome on the site. TCU’s full report card is available on College Prowler.

    David Stein contributed to this report.