TCU Intramurals hoping to attract more participants


    TCU’s intramural programs are undergoing some big changes this year, including a new assistant director, several new staff members and over 100 new teams.

    Sheldon Tate, the new assistant director for intramural sports, has already begun work on scheduling the new season.

    Recreation Center staff member and junior strategic communication major Hunter Kosmala said Tate and the new staff have already adapted well to the large student response to intramural sports.

    “They’re really making intramurals good for the students,” Kosmala said. “Professional staff has had a lot of changes as far as training and dedication goes.”

    Kosmala also said the staff encouraged more students to register their teams and to join different sports programs, such as flag football.

    Cristie Carpenter, the associate director of programs, said over 100 teams have registered for flag football so far.

    “Flag football is huge,” Carpenter said. “We’ll have even more teams after the latecomers.”

    The intramural office was already overloaded with requests for new teams, Carpenter said. Many teams were registered by only one person.

    Registration ended last Tuesday for flag football, and the season began Sunday, Carpenter said.

    The staff said they hoped to increase interest in the different sports through word-of-mouth this year, and also placed flyers and advertisements around campus to spread news about upcoming tournaments, Kosmala said.

    “Last year, when we didn’t have a huge turnout for paper football, we had a competition for Cowboys tickets,” Kosmala said. “Little things like that will get more people to come compete and have fun.”

    Intramural sports includes team tennis, which started Monday. Games continue every Monday night at the Friedman Tennis Center on campus.

    “Come out and play intramural sports,” Kosmala said. “It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll definitely have a good time.”