Drought continues despite rain


    After 70 consecutive days of weather over 100 degrees, the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex broke a new record for the most 100 degree days in a year, according to the National Weather Service.

    But for the first time in weeks, TCU was briefly showered with rain droplets yesterday morning.
    There are more possible showers to come. Fort Worth can expect a chance of rain through Sept. 21, according to Weather.com.

    Junior history major Nathan Nadarajah said it has been a long, hot summer and he is looking forward to a break from the heat.

    “I am actually able to go outside and not have to worry about the heat,” Nadarajah said. “I am really excited since intramurals are starting up.”

    The forecast is for a 50 percent chance of rain on Friday, according to Weather.com. However, Weather Underground reported only a 20 percent chance of rain Friday.

    NBC Channel 5 chief meteorologist David Finfrock said he does not know why Weather.com is forecasting a 50 percent chance of rain.

    “None of the models are showing anything like that,” Finfrock said. “There is a possibility of a few showers Thursday night into Friday morning.”

    Nadarajah said he hopes the forecasted rain will help quell the wildfires throughout Texas.

    The incoming system will not bring the relief needed for the drought, Finfrock said.

    Wednesday’s rainfall totaled one-tenth of an inch, Finfrock said.

    “That is not enough to do much good when you are 15 inches low,” he said.

    Finfrock said there are still plenty of warm days to come, but he does not expect to hit 100 degrees again.

    “The average temperature for the middle of Sept. is a low of about 68 degrees and a high of 89 degrees,” he said.

    As the fall season approaches, North Texas temperatures are expected to cool down.