Opinion: Hurt Romo should sit out Monday


    Everyone loves to hear the story of a player overcoming adversity, but in the case of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, it’s time for him to take a breather.

    Despite a punctured lung and a cracked rib, Romo came back into Sunday’s game and led Dallas to an overtime win in San Francisco.

    His official status for this week’s game is questionable, but Romo, Head Coach Jason Garrett and Owner Jerry Jones both believe that Romo will be taking snaps against the Washington Redskins come Monday.

    While Cowboys fans should be all for seeing Romo with such a warrior mentality, common sense needs to reign supreme.

    When a rib is cracked or a lung is punctured, it is incredibly illogical to think that you should be taking more hits. When both happen, it’s downright stupid.

    Romo plans to play because he “can’t imagine the pain being any worse” and will start as long as he can manage his pain, as per word by Jerry Jones. With Jason Garrett remaining adamant that Romo will be behind center against the Washington Redskins, it looks like Romo will try to play through his injury.

    If Romo does play, a huge question looms. Who will Romo be playing with?

    Miles Austin, Romo’s number one wide receiver target, aggravated an earlier hamstring injury versus the 49ers on Sunday.

    While keeping in mind that Austin was already battling a knee injury, his hamstring injury comes at a terrible time for Romo. Although Romo is going to struggle as he plays during his injury, Romo’s top receiver will be out likely until week five.

    What about the dynamic young gun, Dez Bryant? Well, he has a bruised thigh and didn’t play Sunday against the 49ers.

    His status is still questionable for this upcoming week. The third wide receiver, Kevin Ogletree? Tweaked ankle. Even if he plays, he won’t be in top shape.

    How about the big tight end, Jason Witten? Finally, a prime time receiver who is actually expected to play for the Cowboys. He has bruised ribs.

    Surely Romo gets something from his offense. Running perhaps? Nope. Felix Jones separated his shoulder on the fifth snap of the game. The running game will be up to Tashard Choice and rookie DeMarco Murray, who have combined for a grand total of 30 yards in running this season.

    Well, at least Romo gets help from the front line, right? Surely he has offensive linemen prepared to block for him to protect him from being sacked, right? Think again.

    Starting center Phil Costa is suffering from a posterior cruciate ligament knee injury and it’s a mystery still on how effective he’d be to play.

    Futhermore, left guard Bill Nagy is still being bothered by a neck injury.

    So let’s get this straight. Romo’s top two targets won’t play Monday. His favorite tight end is banged up. His top offensive reliever, Felix Jones, won’t play Monday. Two of his five starting linemen are out. Why should Romo play again?

    It is incredibly reassuring to see that Romo wants to play and be a leader for this team. However, with the seriousness of the injury and tons of other players hurting, there’s no sense in putting the team’s superstar into the lineup.

    Romo needs a breather and time to recover. Jason Garrett would be smart to sit him and get his superstar ready to play for the entire year.

    J.D. Moore is a sophomore journalism major from Honolulu, Hawaii

    This story was corrected Sept. 22 at 12:30 a.m. to reflect the Dallas Cowboys are scheduled to play Monday night.