Parts of temporary construction on stadium goes unnoticed


    Before fans can experience and appreciate the new Amon G. Carter Stadium, they must endure some temporary features and amenities, both seen and unseen. During the first home game two weeks ago, the stadium had many temporary components. Although temporary restroom facilities apparent to visitors to the west side of the stadium, Associate Director of Athletics Ross Bailey said there were also three generators powering the stadium during the game. “When people start thinking about temporary facilities around a stadium, it really goes much further than what people see on the front end,” he said. Looking at the schedule, fans may have noticed that all home games are set to be played during the day. The reason for this is to protect all fans who attend those games, Bailey said. He said it was difficult to make sure that all of the lights at “the back of the house” were installed and fully functional. Some walkways were lined with simple globe lights, and he said these were suitable for day games but would not be up to code for a night game. The visiting teams would feel the affects of a stadium under construction as well. The visiting team’s locker room is a trailer behind the east side of the stadium. Bailey said the “triple-wide” had a generator providing power, temporary plumbing and electrical hookups as well as natural gas for heaters. Junior communication studies major Nathan Dyer did not know the trailer he saw was the visiting team’s locker room. “I saw them put these out, I think it was Thursday, and they were just boarding them all up,” he said. “I thought this was just to house the construction so they could compartmentalize while the season was going on.” The reason for so many temporary facilities is because each aspect of the stadium must be inspected, and the inspections must all happen at the same time, Bailey said. Fort Worth has been helpful throughout the process so far as the university tries to reach its goal of a new stadium by the 2012 season, he said. “The City of Fort Worth, from the building inspector to the fire [department] to the police, have all been great in working with us and giving us direction,” Bailey said. “Because they know our goal, and we share the same goal, which is a lot of people being excited about home-football Saturdays.” Construction on the west side of the stadium is set to be finished in June, Bailey said, and construction on the east side would start six or eight weeks after. “The east side had better be finished come August,” Bailey said. Although fans will see the temporary features for the rest of the 2011 season, the stadium is set to be completely finished by opening day of the 2012 football season.