TCU’s conference choices bring options of football coverage, revenue


    The move to the Big 12 is not just about football rivalries but the money and media attention it could bring. The Big 12, Big East and Mountain West have many differences and TCU's choice could lead to its big break.

    Conference revenue
    The Big 12 conference had a total revenue of over $144 million in 2009 according to their 990 form. The Big East received over $103 million in 2009 according to their 990 form. The Mountain West’s revenue was over $8.5 million in 2009 according to their 990 form.

    Televised games
    ABC owns the national network rights of the Big 12 telecasts. Fox Sports Net outlets, Fox College Sports, FX and ESPN can also air Big 12 games. The Big East holds partnerships with ESPN, SportsNet New York, CBS Sports, CBS Sports Network. Mountain West games are televised on the Mountain West Sports Network (The Mtn.), VERSUS and CBS Sports Network.

    Football revenue
    TCU’s football team brought in revenues that surpassed $20 million according to The Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool. University of Texas at Austin’s is a Big 12 competitor and their revenue nearly exceeds $94 million. Syracuse University’s is a part of the Big East and brought in over $19 million.

    Football expenses
    TCU spent the same amount of money for expenses as revenues, $20 million. UT’s football team spent over $25 million which is 20 percent of the school’s sports expenses. Big East team Syracuse used over $15 million, $4 million less than they earned.