Marriage should be lifelong not temporary


    It’s no secret that declining morals and commitment levels have led many past “standards” to relax significantly from a cultural perspective in the past few decades.

    Marriage is one of the casualties of loosening rules of what is and isn’t accepted culturally.

    Marriage rates are down while divorce rates are up, yet the public is neutral on both statistically alarming facts.

    It seems that a desire for immediate gratification without obligation, hallmarks of the “iPod generation” that have been adopted by its older counterparts, has led to a reluctance in getting married in the first place.

    When it is easier to do taxes, back out of a relationship at any point, and to cheat and lie without having to be honest about how wrong such actions are, staying technically single certainly does seem more appealing.

    This easy appeal is what leads many to divorce as well.

    Some spouses don’t enter marriage with the same level of commitment as days long past, and when things turn difficult, many aren’t as willing to put in the effort to weather any tough trials in the relationship.

    A new proposal made in Mexico City seeks to align itself with progressive minds who fail to see a problem with the state of marriage in today’s developed countries.

    The proposal would allow couples to opt for a temporary marriage license over the traditional understanding of a life-long commitment.

    The shortest marriage contract would be a mere two years if the proposal is passed in Mexico City’s assembly.

    Couples would have the option of renewing their marriage if the pair is still happy at the end of its marriage contract. If not, both may simply walk away with provisions in the contract specifying the division of money, property, kids, pets and more.

    If this proposal is passed and the change in the civil code is made, it will utterly reform society in all areas over which Mexico City has jurisprudence.

    Proposals will be about how much you love someone: “Honey, I love you for now, but I just don’t think you are going to cut it for me for the rest of my life. Will you spend the next two years of your life with me?”

    Marriage ceremonies will have to drastically change the line “till death do us part” — if couples using a contract can find an officiant. The Catholic Church in Mexico City has publicly denounced the short-term marriage initiative.

    Temporary marriage is an oxymoron that caters to nobody but self-indulgent commitment-phobes.


    Allana Wooley is a freshman anthropology and history double major from Marble Falls.