Geography instructor opens online salvage yard


    Kalli Fullerton, adjunct instructor in the department of history and geography, said she started her college years like many other students, confused about what her future held and what path to take.

    She said she found her true passion and future career during her sophomore year in her geography class.

    After graduating from TCU, Fullerton attended California State University, Long Beach for graduate school.

    “I took geography for fun, and within the first five minutes, I realized I could teach geography,” Fullerton said.

    Fullerton said she loved getting students involved in discussions about current events they may not have been aware of.

    But teaching is not the only thing that Fullerton has accomplished.

    Fullerton and her father recently started a business called

    “My dad graduated from high school and started a salvage yard and has had his own business for over twenty years,” Fullerton said.

    Fullerton described the business as an online virtual salvage yard where everyday people can meet to sell or buy eco-friendly automobile parts, she said.

    She said people can use the website to get parts to repair auto damages from an accident or for any other reason.

    Fullerton said buying used auto parts is something that everyone should take advantage of because customers can save anywhere from 20 to 90 percent.

    Fullerton said she held the position of chief strategist officer and organized meetings between future employers, production and social media.

    “I handle the Facebook, Google+ and write several blogs for,” Fullerton said.
    Fullerton also writes the newsletter for the business.

    She said balancing teaching and the business world has been extremely tough, but both are careers she enjoys.

    “I try to devote the majority of my time to teaching since it’s my first semester. I mostly do schoolwork on weeknights and focus on the business on weekends,” Fullerton said.

    Fullerton said her dream job was continually morphing, and she would like to go back to get her doctorate in geography at the University of Texas at Austin.

    “I would like to be the Indiana Jones of geography,” she said.

    For her, being the Indiana Jones of geography includes having a talk show that would explain different locations while traveling around the globe.