Students need to stay entire time at football games


    With only one home games left, the football season is coming to a close. The Horned Frogs have held their own with a changed team and a 9-2 record. Every home game, the players are on the field for all four quarters, no matter how long it takes.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the fans. Students seem to choose one of two options for attending football games: show up late or leave early. Normally, the second choice is more popular, with the stands emptying out by halftime.

    Many students use excuses such as homework or tests. I bet those excuses could apply to the students who do stay, and to the football players as well. Those who leave seem to be forgetting about their school spirit.

    It is disappointing to see Amon G. Carter Stadium empty while a game is still going on. $143 million is being spent to into renovate the stadium, which will be able to seat 43,000 people. What’s the point in spending that money if the stadium is never full?

    TCU also has a smaller stadium than other schools, and a drastically smaller student population. When students get up to leave, it is much more noticeable.

    Lastly, just be empathetic for a second; being on that field and seeing all of your fellow students leave the game cannot be encouraging. But looking up and seeing everyone cheering is helpful. It boosts morale. It gives confidence to the football team, and it shows our school spirit.

    For this last  home game, we should all make it a goal to stay the entire time and show how great this university is.

    Mariah Pulver is a sophomore journalism and political science major from Tucson, Ariz.