Track the shuttle on app


    Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership Don Mills was at the airport waiting for a shuttle when he had the idea of providing up-to-the-minute shuttle information to TCU students. 

    “A number of people had talked about how they liked the shuttles on campus, but they didn’t know when the shuttle bus was going to arrive,” Mills said.

    Now, thanks to the updated TCU Mobile application, students can access live shuttle information from their iPhones.

    The technology allows students, faculty and staff with iPhones to make better use of the TCU shuttle system. Labeled as “transit” in the TCU Mobile app, the shuttle information includes a number of live shuttle course options, including the night shuttle and the upcoming stops on each route.

    Mills said he credits Bryan Lucas, associate provost and chief executive officer for technology resources, with making Mills’ idea a reality.

    “I did initiate the idea of having a GPS on buses and having bus locations transmitted to those waiting at bus stops. But it was Bryan Lucas, Associate Provost, who took that idea and advanced it to have the GPS as a smartphone app within the TCU app,” Mills said. “He did the hard work of implementation.”

    Implementing live transit information is just one example of TCU’s technological advances.

    According to Josh Harmon, Director of Enterprise Application Services, several more apps should be available soon. A new Twitter app, a QR reader, an improved map and an open computer locator app were planned for release near the end of December. An alumni app and another that highlights activities for student events are in the works.

    “We try as hard as we can at TCU to be on the forefront of the student experience, and I think that this is another example of where one person has an idea and another person figures out how to make it work,”  Mills said.

    You can download the TCU Mobile app today from iTunes or the Android Market to view on campus shuttle information live.