Letter to the Editor: Response to arrests displayed strength, determination


    I am a Horned Frog. A tried-and-true, purple-bleeding, die-hard Horned Frog.

    And as I awoke Wednesday morning to the disappointing and startling news that my dear alma mater was announcing the biggest drug bust in its history, I couldn’t help but feel broken.

    Is this what we’ve become? A party school?

    A haven for drug dealers? Is our reputation forever soiled?

    But as more and more details emerged and administrators, along with the Fort Worth Police Department, swiftly held a press conference to face the issue head-on, it became abundantly clear that this university is different. I would venture to say that most, if not all, universities in this country have an illicit drug use problem, and most, if not all, choose to ignore it, particularly if members of a highly-regarded NCAA team are involved. Let’s face it, athletic programs are major funders for most schools, and letting “scandals” like this emerge is financially harmful to business. TCU saw past that.

    The university saw a threat to the safety of its campus, its students and its reputation, and they did what they didn’t have to by allowing the authorities to investigate and arrest students. Other universities: take note. This is how it’s done.

    The issue isn’t over, and it probably never will be. It may even get bigger as the investigation continues. But as long as university administrators and law enforcement continue what they’re doing, our university will be better for it. Because we come from a place of integrity. Of exemplary standards.

    Because, yes Gary Patterson, we are stronger than this. We are Horned Frogs.