Ask before judging suspended constitution


    Most students are not in tune to every move Student Government Association makes, but it might be beneficial to listen up now.

    Tuesday night the House of Representatives voted with an exact two-thirds majority to suspend SGA’s constitution.

    That, on its face, sounds a little scary.

    If SGA does not have a governing document, can it just do what it wants? And with $690,000 of the student body’s money?

    This is a fair question, and one that might pop into the minds of students who hear this news.

    Although this is definitely a precedent for SGA, the student body should hope it considered its decision, and whether or not it is a good precedent or a bad one, very carefully.

    Because the majority of students are not well informed about SGA and its actions, it should not be quick to condemn the vote. While it does seem scary, those who have serious concerns should contact SGA members to learn more about the action they took.

    With the intention to make the constitution more flexible to allow the organization to grow and better serve the university’s students, SGA may have done us a favor.

    Only time will tell. Over the course of next school year, SGA will work to modify the document and to improve it. However, during this time we would hope that they would act with integrity and not abuse the constitution’s suspension.

    We would hope that in the future, SGA would continue to fly under the radar, but in a good way. Hopefully, it would continue to not require a large amount of supervision or scrutiny from the student body.