New club looking for dedicated wrestlers


    Two TCU students are bringing a wrestling club back to campus that will compete against schools such as University of Texas, Arlington, the club’s coach said.

    Dillon Horn, coach and junior criminal justice major, said the club is looking for committed members who are first year and sophomore students, but they are open to participation from any student.

    TCU last had a wrestling club two years ago that was pulled off campus because of lack of interest, Jake Pisarski, club president and athletic training major, said.

    The team is registered with the National Collegiate Wrestling Association and will compete at the Division I level. Title IX has not affected the club because they encourage women to participate and compete, Pisarski said.

    Pisarski, who has been wrestling for 7 years, said he wants a good group of committed members to carry the team and continue it on after they graduate. He said the problem in previous years was too many members who were the same age and didn’t recruit properly.

    Pisarski said on the mat wrestling an individual sport, but you need teammates for side advice and support.

    Pisarski said members of the team would go by the motto and quote by U.S. Olympic gold medalist Dan Gable which says,  “The 1st period is won by the best technician. The 2nd period is won by the kid in the best shape. The 3rd period is won by the kid with the biggest heart.”

    Members who join should be dedicated and be positive because it is not an easy sport, Pisarski said. He said it is not an easy sport, and practices will be harder than the actual matches for training purposes.

    Practices would begin in the fall and will be held four to five days a week early morning or at night, Pisarski said. The team would work out in a multi-purpose room on the bottom floor of the TCU Recreation Center.

    He said he encourages people to join if they want to get into shape and have previous wrestling experience.

    Matt Powers, a sophomore economics major, is one of 12 students who have already committed to the team.

    Powers  said his love of the sport has made him want to continue competing at the university level.

    Wrestling is a great way to meet people as well as keep people out of trouble, said Horn, who began wrestling at the age of five. He said it builds work ethic and passion within the wrestlers.

    Dues will be $100 to $120 a semester and members will receive a t-shirt upon joining, Pisarski said.

    Students interested in joining the club can contact Horn at [email protected]