Football players to pass through Frog Alley on way to stadium


    Football players on game days will walk through student and fan tailgates in Frog Alley on their way to the stadium, Student Body President Brent Folan said.

    “The Frog Walk” will have buses drop off football players near the student tailgate section. Athletes will walk through Frog Alley to enter the stadium about two hours before the game.

    “My two biggest things were location and alcohol, and right now the location is perfect,” he said. “I wanted to make sure the students were right next to the stadium in that stadium atmosphere.”

    The tailgate section will include a portion of Frog Alley, 13 parking spaces in Lot 5 and the grassy section between the two, Folan said.  

    Folan said he wanted the alcohol at the tailgate to be sold cheaply and is hoping for $1 beers. The exact pricing will be confirmed within the next few days,.

    Organizations can apply soon to pay for a spot with a grill in the tailgate section to claim one of about 13 spots, he said. More information on how to apply for the spots will be available within the next week.

    “I want every student here,” Folan said. “None of us will probably see a new football stadium [during] the rest of our lifetime so we need to make sure we start with a bang.” 

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