Excessive citations could lead to tire boot


    Last year, 115 vehicles were given a boot and about 20 were towed for “excessive citations,” Janet Martin, administrative assistant for Coordinator Parking and Transportation Services, said. 

    Excessive citations means the vehicle received three or more citations for parking in lots where cars don’t have the correct permit, Martin said.

    Since the start of the fall 2012 semester, 1,523 parking citations have been issued. During the 2011-2012 academic year, a total of 10,955 citations were given, Martin said.

    The TCU parking regulations states after the third parking citation a vehicle maybe given a boot or towed, but this does not mean it will always happen, DeAnn Jones, coordinator for parking and transportation services, said.

    “The policy is that after your third citation you may be booted and/or towed," Jones said. "We typically try to boot first – it doesn’t mean that every one that gets three tickets will be booted, but the policy is that you may be booted."

    The vehicles that get booted and towed are vehicles that belong to the students who continue to park in lots they are not permitted to park in, TCU Police security guard Robert White said.

    “It’s aggravating if you know you have given the same car a ticket before," White said. "That’s when you want to just call an officer over and have the car booted, and if that doesn’t get their attention, have the car towed.

    At this point it makes you wonder if the students really care or not, and that is when you have to get their attention,” White said.

    TCU uses Lone Star Towing if the issue gets to this point, which charges about $240.00 for towing. Storage fees are added daily if the vehicle has not been claimed, Martin said.