Patterson: “I have waited 30 years to come back here.”


    One week after breaking the school wins record in a new stadium, TCU coach Gary Patterson won his first Big 12 game in his home state of Kansas on Saturday after the Horned Frogs beat the Jayhawks 20-6. 

    "One of the greatest things about coming into the Big 12 was coming back home," Patterson said. "I have waited 30 years to come back here. It's special to me because it's close to my family and my uncle was a great player at Kansas, and all those things are big for me."

    Here are a few more postgame reactions from the Frogs, who travel home to face Virginia next week:

    Patterson on his team's performance: "We knew we did not play well today, but you have to give KU a lot of credit. You can't just move the football and take for granted that you are going to score." 

    TCU quarterback Casey Pachall on his wide receiving corps: "I think probably the best in the nation. As long as we can do what we have to and they prepare and our offense, I don't see hardly any team stopping them."

    Pachall on the Frogs' four turnovers: "The reason with all the turnovers and stuff was just execution. It had nothing to do with game-planning. It was just execution."

    TCU offensive guard Blaize Foltz on the Frogs' performance : "We can't have turnovers in the red zone. Four turnovers is just despicable."