Intramural leagues create new website with online sign-up feature


    The university's new online sign-up process for intramural sports takes less than one minute to complete, a dramatic improvement over last year’s complicated paper registration.

    The intramural leagues' website platform allows users to organize their teams, players, scores and photographs.

     Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Sheldon Tate said he went to a national intramural conference last year to find the best software for the university.

    Tate said he looked for certain aspects in the new website including functionality and social media.

     “It’s very early but we got a lot of very positive responses about the way the website works,” Tate said. “We went through a lot of issues last year.”

    Sophomore political science major Kristin Repass said the registration process last year confused her. Repass said she liked that users can view their schedules and add players to their roster easily.

    Tate said the website was designed like a fantasy football website. Each team can customize their own page and their team’s page.

    Sophomore business major Mark Lyden said this was his second year playing intramural sports. 

     Lyden said the website sends emails letting users know about any changes to the schedule or their team.

    Participants can sign up for intramurals either through the IM Leagues website or through Facebook, Tate said.

     Students interested in playing intramural sports can log onto by using their student email address.