TCU Energy Club benefits from networking


    Since the Energy Club started in 2008, it has linked people with internships and job opportunities at Chevron and Purple Land Management, to name a few.

    Chasen Brown, the President of the Energy Club said, “being part of the Energy Club keeps you in contact with employers.” Throughout each year the club has industry professionals come to talk about the latest news in oil and gas and about working in the industry, he said.

    Davis Farrish, the vice president of the Energy Club, said each year the Energy Club increases networking and keeps involved with active members and alumni.  He said besides speakers, the club also takes members to conferences.

    “This year members have the opportunity to go to the NAPE conference in Houston, the largest oil and gas expo in the world,” Brown said. 

    He said the Energy Club has over 300 members and is the only organization that is strictly oil and gas based and available to any major.

    “It can be difficult to tap into the industry if you’re not a geologist or an engineer major,” senior finance major Buddy Carruth said.  

    “Networking from the club has allowed me to learn about the opportunities in the industry,” Carruth said.  

    Brown said major employers are emailing the TCU energy club wanting to become involved and wanting to do on-campus interviews. 

    He said Energy Club members have gotten internships and jobs from their involvement.  A 2012 graduate of TCU and Energy Club member, Kevin Peters, went to an on-campus interview last year for Chevron and now works for them in Houston, Brown said.   

    Brown said opening doors for other students has been the most rewarding part of his Energy Club experience. 

    He said Chevron, XTO and Prudential are just a few companies that have already set on-campus interviews for this year.

    The Energy Club is hosting an Energy Networking Night on Oct. 2.  With Chevron, EOG, XTO, Prudential, and others signed up, Brown said this will be a great opportunity to meet recruiters. Students can visit the TCU Energy Club website for more information about the Networking Night.