Patterson on Boykin: “We actually have a lot more offense”


    According to TCU’s head coach, Trevone Boykin is the man for the job.

    Following the arrest of quarterback Casey Pachall on suspicion of DWI and an immediate suspension from the program, Head Coach Gary Patterson spoke with SiriusXM College Sports and announced that redshirt freshman Trevone Boykin will start Saturday’s game against the Iowa State Cyclones.

    “He’s got a great arm and if you’ve watched him in games that he’s come in, especially Grambling, he’s got a lot of positives,” Patterson said.

    Patterson also noted that Boykin “opens up the playbook” for the Horned Frogs and highlighted the differences between Pachall and Boykin in their athletic capabilities.

    “We actually have more offense with Trevone Boykin in the game than we have with Casey Pachall in the game,” Patterson said. “[Pachall] can throw all the throws, but now you have a very athletic guy who can do a lot of other things that Casey can’t do.”

    In wake of the quarterback’s arrest, Patterson insisted that getting his team ready for the upcoming game is what is most important for the program.

    “You know it’s still about beating Iowa State, that’s what the goal is,” Patterson said. “It’s trying to find one more point than they have, and at the end of the game to get to 5-0.”

    Although Patterson said he never intended to throw off the Cyclones with the quarterback exchange, he said adaption may prove challenging for them.

    “In a lot of ways, it bothers Iowa State because they’ve got to get prepared for something that they weren’t ready to be prepared for,” Patterson said.

    As far as the fate of Pachall, Patterson said the program has not come to a decision but that Pachall is still a member of the Horned Frog football team and will be on the sidelines during Saturday’s game.

    During his career as a Horned Frog, Boykin’s playing time is limited to three games this season. To date, Boykin has rushed for 122 yards with 12 carries as well as 74 yards passing and one touchdown. Boykin is also nine-for-10 passing.

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