Iowa State game had more alcohol-related incidents than in the past, Fort Worth Police say


    This Saturday’s football game against Iowa State had more alcohol incidents than usual, according to the Fort Worth Police Department.

    “We pulled about 15 or more people out of the stadium [for alcohol-related incidents]," Lt. Robin Krouse of the Fort Worth Police said. “We had people throwing stuff onto the field, but we never could catch anybody doing that.”

    Students reported seeing fans throwing objects onto the field and watching fans being escorted out of the stadium.

    Krouse said the police officers at the game positioned themselves on the rails of the student section to prohibit any more items being thrown onto the field. Officers were also stationed on the field, on the concourse and upper levels of the stadium to monitor any other incidents.

    “I think [the officers] responded really well,” Krouse said.

    One student said the reason for the heightened level of rowdiness among fans could be attributed to the suspension of Casey Pachall, who was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated earlier this week.

    “I think it just has to do with all of the tension from everything that happened this week," first year student Anna Brown said. "People were really upset about that, and it was a little bit more rambunctious than in the past.”

    Brown, a Spanish and pre-med double major, also said she saw cups and water bottles being thrown onto the field.

    “It’s just one of those things where you expect a little bit more class out of people at this university,” Krouse said.

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