TCU maintains landscaping on and off campus


    The Landscaping and Grounds Department is allocated a $1 million budget per year to maintain the landscaping on and off campus for the area that stretches from Bellaire Drive to McCart Avenue.

    “The objective of everything we do in the Physical Plant is to support TCU’s goal of providing the highest quality education possible,” Assistant Director of the Landscaping and Grounds Department Robert Sulak said. “The condition and appearance of our facilities and grounds is perhaps the most visible indicator of our contribution to this objective.”

    According to the Physical Plant’s Website, the Landscaping and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance of all campus areas not enclosed by walls or under a roof.

    “TCU sits on 277 acres,” Sulak said. “Two-hundred ten of those acres are more developed and require intensive care.”

    Sulak said the Landscaping and Grounds Department is also responsible for the landscaping of local businesses and city-owned medians around campus.

    Kubes Jewelers employee Christy Gilbert said that the TCU grounds staff has been providing landscaping for the store for about four or five years.

    “They come by at least once a week, usually more,” Gilbert said. “If it’s not for landscaping, then they are picking up trash and making sure everything looks nice.”

    Senior communication studies major Jessica Bly said she was unaware that TCU provides landscaping to local businesses, but understands the university’s desire to keep a consistent look and feel around campus.

    Sulak said the recent construction on campus and Berry Street calls for constant landscape and maintenance renovations.

    “We have been able to renovate landscaping at one major building each year with in-house resources at a fraction of contract costs,” Sulak said.

    According to Sulak, utility construction for Worth Hills and the new academic building will begin in December. He advises students to expect a lot of digging.