Reel Rock Film Tour brings awareness to outdoor programs at TCU


    About 60 TCU students and people from the Fort Worth community gathered to watch the rock climbing films Friday at the Brown-Lupton University Union auditorium.

    Steve Campbell, assistant director of Campus Recreation Outdoor Programs, said the event was a success and the program plans to continue partnering with Backwoods Outdoor Clothing and Equipment in order to bring Reel Rock back to the university each year.

    In doing so, Campbell said he hopes to increase more campus awareness of the Outdoor Programs, as well as increase exposure to the general public.

    “A lot of times [the Outdoor Programs] is doing things in the rec center, so if you don’t come to the rec center you don’t know all the things that we do,” Campbell said.

    Four short films were shown at the screening, one of which featured famous free solo climber (meaning climbing without ropes) Alex Honnold. The film followed the ups and downs of his climb of the Yosemite Triple Crown, of which he is the only known person to have climbed it solo in under 24 hours.

    Backwoods Outdoor Clothing and Equipment was also handing out vouchers for a free one-hour kayak or canoe rental to those who attended.

    Alejandra Garces Pozo, a junior history major and art minor, said it was her first time attending a Reel Rock screening and she plans on going to it again next year.

    “I thought Reel Rock was awesome,” Garces Pozo said. “It was intense and gave me a really big insight into extreme rock climbing.”

    Campbell said many TCU students don’t know that the climbing wall in the University Recreation Center is free to climb.

    “We provide all the equipment and we have knowledgeable staff there to teach people all about climbing and to belay them,” Campbell said. “It’s really a fun time.”