Greeks help make student tailgate a success


    Although the majority of tailgates purchased this year have been bought by Greek fraternities, any organization can buy a spot through an online form.

    SGA President Brent Folan said more than half of the fraternities from the Interfraternity Council purchased spots to tailgate at the first home game.

    Folan said students and alumni need to support the university by attending tailgates and making them bigger since the Frogs are now in the Big 12 Conference.  

    For the first home game, spots were sold for $475. Delta Tau Delta, Beta Upsilon Chi, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Gamma Delta, Beta Theta Pi and Phi Kappa Sigma purchased places at the student tailgate, according to Folan.

    These six fraternities have purchased tailgating spots during all home games thus far.

    Currently, the cost runs from $200-$375 per spot, including two tables and a grill, Folan said. He also said he wanted the student tailgate section to become more cost-effective, and that his goal is to add at least two more fraternities to the student tailgate section.

    Dollar beers will be available at the student tailgate.

    Sophomore nutrition major Taylor Carlson, who transferred this year from the University of Dayton in Ohio, said, “Tailgates give everyone a chance to go to different fraternities, see other friends and have fun no matter where you go. 

    Carlson said attending a school in the Big 12 was definitely a step up from the Division III football and the lack of tailgating at her previous university.

    Chris Curran, first-year business major and member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, said he thought tailgates brought students from many different groups together. 

    “I think our fraternity student tailgating draws other people to tailgate because it is a really fun environment with grilling and people that are generally in a good mood.  People gravitate towards that stuff,” Curran said.

    Curran said he thought there was room for improvement in terms of space because he felt a little cramped.