SGA takes talk of Brent Folan’s impeachment seriously


    Updated: Student Body President faces impeachment, for more updates and information read

    The Student Government Association is not dismissing rumors that there may be a move to impeach Student Body President Brent Folan at its weekly meeting tonight, according to the SGA vice president of operations.

    "I think House leadership is preparing for what might happen [Tuesday night] and really, I think everyone in SGA is bracing for what might happen [Tuesday night,]” said Josh Simpson, vice president of operations, regarding Folan’s potential impeachment.

    Folan said talk of impeachment is just rumors. “To me, it’s a rumor until I see something on paper,” he said. “I don’t believe it until I see it.”

    The dissension around Folan’s presidency began last week after some House members questioned the approval and $50,000 payment for the bronze SuperFrog statue.

    Folan said last week that the Cabinet “unanimously” voted on the statue’s approval. However, Cabinet members Simpson and Graham McMillan said the approval was an informal discussion and that no formal vote occurred.

    Simpson said he is unsure what will happen tonight as “this entire school is a rumor mill right now.”

    The SGA Constitution, requires the impeachment process to be initiated within the House of Representatives.

    According to article seven, section two of the Constitution: “Impeachment proceedings may be initiated against any member of the Student Government Association by submission of a petition signed by at least ten percent of the members of the House or by submission of an order to remove signed by the Judicial Board.”

    After impeachment, an officer will be removed from power with a two-thirds vote from the House.

    Students across campus are encouraging others to attend the SGA meeting at 5 p.m. in the Chambers and voice their opinions.

    Senior political science and psychology double major Jonathan Davis wrote an opinion column for TCU 360 Monday urging students to “bring forth your problems, quarrels and suggestions” to the meeting.

    Junior sociology major Miles Davison wrote in a different column: “If anyone is concerned about this statue (the process under which it was developed, how much it cost etc.) then I encourage you to come to the [meeting.]”

    Senior Jordan Mazurek, a former SGA Representative, invited multiple 360 staff reporters to a private Facebook event called “Petition the House.” As of 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Mazurek said a “couple dozen” students are attending the event.

    Mazurek’s event summary reads: “The infractions against the student body perpetuated over the past year will not be tolerated any longer. This is a call to action, become active participants in your democracy.”

    Mazurek said the meeting tonight will be an opportunity for the average student to express feedback to SGA.

    “The reason people are encouraging students to attend the SGA meeting tonight is to specifically show people they can actively participate in their democracy,” Mazurek said in a phone interview. “I’ll show people to exactly what extent they can get involved tonight.”

    Simpson and Folan both announced late Monday night their candidacy for student body president next semester.

    SGA will meet tonight at 5 in the Chambers in the Brown-Lupton University Union.

    Jake Harris contributed to this report.

    Below are the impeachment proceedings guidelines from the Student Body Code.