Leadership opportunities on campus grow


    TCU will undergo changes in the Student Leadership Center this year starting with a new Director of Leadership.

    An SMU graduate, Carol Clyde already feels she has found her home in the Horned Frog family and is celebrating her second month on TCU's campus.

    “With that it gives us a change to really think through what were doing and how were doing it.  I’ve been in the process of meeting with people from all over campus trying to find out ‘what are we doing and what could we and should we be doing?’ and that is a lot of what this semester is being spent trying to figure out,” Clyde said.

    She also said that the Student Leadership Center is "sister departments" with Student Organizations on campus and she discussed implementing changes from a leadership perspective and trying to figure out how to better support and promote leadership within the student run organizations.

    TCU sophomore and founder of the campus wrestling club, Jake Pisarki, believes leadership is present on campus however there is still room to grow.

    “As President of a club I try to implement leadership. I think that TCU should really strive, leadership is a big thing especially since it is apart of the mission statement, building ethical leaders,” Pisarki said.

    Leadership development and helping others to expand and grow as a leader is what Clyde said she loves to do.

    “It's great if you're in a leadership position, but if you don’t end that position as a better leader than you were when you started, what good did it do you?,” Clyde said. 

    Clyde said the hard part is trying to figure out how to attract students because currently Student Leadership and Organizations touch a small percentage of students on campus.