Career Services helps students search for jobs


    Seniors who graduate in December will be going into the best job market in nearly four years, John Thompson, executive director of Career Services, said.

    Thompson said there are jobs available for new college graduates if students are willing to put in the individual effort and time to find those jobs.

    “Every student that we see is ultimately going to end up in their choice of employment,” Thompson said. “The issue is how long that will take.”

    Thompson said employers are looking for employees with work experience and internships rather than a high grade point average.

    Career Services assists students in the job search by providing free help with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, workshops, advising, and career fairs, Thompson said.

    Thompson said about 70 percent of students take advantage of the opportunities offered by Career Services.

    “I’m never satisfied with the number of students we see,” Thompson said. “I always want to see more students.”

    Tyler Walker, a senior general studies major, found his future employer, MultiView Inc., through networking at the career fair.

    “The job search for me really wasn’t that hard,” Walker said. “I got really lucky in that I went to that I went to the career fair and was actually able to impress quite a few people.”

    Walker said the relationships that he built with the companies at the career fair assisted him in the job search.

    “We’re not going into a world of academia,” Walker said. “We’re going into a world of cut-throat, high competition relationship building.”

    Hattie Brazelton, a senior marketing major, said she is interviewing with a company she spoke to at the career fair.

    “I’m crossing my fingers that I will get hired soon,” Brazelton said.

    Brazelton said career seminars, meet-and-greet events with potential employers offered by the Neeley School of Business, and internships have aided her in the job search.