New social network provides students with job opportunities near campus


    Sisters Sarah and Liz Stallard are hard at work promoting a new social networking website named mommyfiles to the TCU campus and surrounding community.

    The site serves as a way for local mothers to connect with TCU women looking for work as a baby sitter, tutor, house sitter or pet sitter.

    Sarah Stallard, a senior communication studies major, and Liz Stallard, a first-year strategic communication major, first became involved with the site when it was launched in their hometown of Greenwich, Conn. After seeing how well the site did in Greenwich, they decided to bring the site to the TCU community.

    “Mommyfiles began as site based out of the East Coast, but I felt it would have far more success in a college community such as Fort Worth,” mommyfiles creator Sara Mack said. “The area around TCU is just filled with young families and tons of moms who are looking for babysitters and such.”

    Many college women are looking for ways to make money, but they do not have the time to commit to a job with rigid hours, Mack said. Mommyfiles can provide them with job opportunities that fit into their hectic schedules.

    "I currently have a weekly babysitting job that I found before I was introduced to mommyfiles, but I think the website is a great idea and am really excited to start using it," Caitlin Finnegan, a sophomore communication studies major, said.

    "It's a great way to get jobs that you would have never heard of without the site, and it connects you with not only one mom but an entire network of them," Finnegan said.

    Upon entering the site, users can select if they are a “mommy” or a “talent.” “Mommies” can create a personal profile, join their local network and post whenever they have a job to offer.

    The “talent” section is mostly designated for high school and college women who are interested in finding jobs from these moms. They can create profiles that contain general information about themselves. This includes their experience with children, if they have a car and when they are available to work.

    “We first announced that mommyfiles had created a Fort Worth network last week, and within only 24 hours, we had 44 new members create accounts,” Liz Stallard said. “It was really exciting to see such a huge response right away.”

    The site also offers several other features. Members can share photos, swap recipes, create a “scrapboard” of their favorite things and chat with one another.

    “TCU is serving as the startup model for mommyfiles in a college community,” Mack said. “We hope to continue to expand to other areas and improve the site as we go.”

    Those interested can visit the site at For more information or questions, contact Sarah Stallard at [email protected] or Liz Stallard at [email protected].

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