Senior starts social media company


    Starting his own social media company came naturally to Nick Soliz because entrepreneurship runs in his family. 

    The senior communication studies major is the creator of Soliz Social, a company that manages business’ social media pages.

    “My parents have run their own company for about 12 years now out of our house, and they just started a new one about three years ago," Soliz said. "So it has always been in the family, and I’m used to that lifestyle.”

    Soliz said he started his company in February 2012. The idea came to him when he was an office intern for the Stockyards Championship Rodeo and a marketing employee reached out to him about implementing Facebook and Twitter to the company.

    He started handling the rodeo’s social media sites and turned it into a business from there.

    Soliz said he begins by consulting companies. He talks to managers for about a week and addresses what needs to be changed and how social media can directly benefit their company.

    He is currently managing social media pages for four companies. He said he has worked with at least 10 organizations within the past year.

    “Any time I go into a business now, I show them what I can do beforehand and kind of give them an outlook of what I’m going to do," Soliz said. "[For] every new client I get, it’s easier to get the next one.”

    The Stockyards Championship Rodeo is his biggest client here, he said. He has also worked with Perrotti's Pizza, XII Whiskey Bar and Grill, and Drew's Pastry Place in Houston.

    Soliz said he is taking 18 hours this semester, which he said makes it harder to manage and focus on school and the company at the same time.

    Olivia Wise, a sophomore strategic communication major and intern for Soliz Social, said Soliz is very dedicated and motivated.

    “On top of being a college student, he started his own business. Not many people could balance these two full-time activities and be so successful at both,” she said.

    Soliz said he is unsure about what he is going to do with the company after he graduates. He said he would like to continue doing what he is doing, but he is still going to search for a full-time job after graduation. Nevertheless, he said he loves his job.

    “I love it, and I love the freedom," he said. "I get paid to use Facebook and Twitter.”

    For more information about Soliz Social, visit the company’s website at