Traffic on University Drive declines as high school graduation ceremonies end


    Heavy traffic has declined on South University Drive after the last of the high school graduation ceremonies hosted in the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum have come to an end.

    For the past week, the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum has hosted various high school graduations, leading to a build-up of traffic surrounding TCU's campus.

    Burleson High School held its graduation ceremony in the coliseum Tuesday night, the last of the nine graduation ceremonies that TCU has hosted this summer. The ceremony began at 7:00 p.m., but the guests started coming to campus as early as 6:00 p.m.

    Burleson resident Amanda Sanchez had a cousin graduating in Tuesday's ceremony and wasn’t expecting the amount of traffic she experienced.

    “We didn’t think we had to get here that early, so we got here around 6:30 just to be safe," Sanchez said. "The line was already way around the school and we had to sit there for 20 minutes.”

    The line-up of traffic stretched as far back as the University Drive and Berry Street intersection.

    One Fort Worth police officer helped out with three of the nine ceremonies.

    Officer John Lee and his fellow officers had to create two lanes with cones in order to get as many people to park as possible. Without doing so would have caused a much heavier build-up of traffic.

    One concern Lee had was for future ceremonies in the years to come, when the coliseum will be renovated.

    “In two or three years the basketball stadium won’t be there so I'm not sure where TCU is going to hold these ceremonies. They might have to move them to the Convention Center or something,” Lee said.

    Lee and four other officers were there to help guide traffic into the parking lots of the Coliseum and football stadium.

    The conclusion of the ceremonies will now free up traffic on campus for students and faculty.