Organization helps new Frogs fit in on campus


    Identifying a place to fit in can be hard for new students, so TCU created a new organization to help every Horned Frog find somewhere to belong.

    The organization is called Find Your Fit and was developed by Brett Phillips, the director of student organizations.

    Phillips wrote in an email that the purpose of Find Your Fit is “to connect students into activities, programs and organizations that make them find a place to belong at TCU.”

    Phillips wrote that the organization targets first-year and transfer students by automatically enrolling them in the Find your Fit group on the organizational website OrgSync.

    With over 200 organizations on campus, Find Your Fit provides students with information about events and activities to potentially participate in, Robin Williamson, assistant dean of student development, said.

    The program checks up on students who have joined the group after the first three weeks of school to see if they have found activities or organizations to be a part of, she said.

    First-year kinesiology major Marlee Yoxall said she would utilize the program in the future to help her engage with campus activities.

    “I think it’s important to get involved,” she said.

    First-year psychology major Holly Wright said she thinks participating in organizations and events on campus is essential, especially for new students.

    “I’m thinking about joining some organizations to get connected on campus,” she said.

    Williamson said she is confident in the program.

    “We know that students will find at least one thing to feel really good about, and they will be able to grow and develop and really shine in terms of their talents and abilities,” she said.

    She said the program was designed to help students realize that expressing their passions with others who have the same interests can improve their experience at the university.

    “To find your fit is to find the place where you can be the best version of yourself," Williamson said. “The beauty of TCU is that we all belong here."

    For more information, visit the Find Your Fit website.