Young volleyball team to make first home appearance


    Welcoming freshmen athletes can be a challenge for any collegiate team. Welcoming eight freshmen at once can be even trickier.

    TCU volleyball is heading into its second season in the Big 12 with some young faces ready to take the court.

    The eight freshmen will comprise almost half of the team.

    Head coach Prentice Lewis said this season’s freshman class is very talented, but it will take some time for the young players to adjust.

    “They’re the best freshmen class we’ve ever had at TCU, but the lack of experience in college will be a little tough,” Lewis said.

    Senior middle blocker Yvonne Igodan said she's not worried about how the team will adapt to having so many young players.

    “It’s never the same team that steps on the court season after season," Igodan said. "So, it’s a different dynamic than last year, but I feel like it’s better."

    Although the Horned Frogs are entering their second year in the Big 12, the 2013 team was recruited when TCU was in talks of entering the Big East Conference.

    The first player specifically recruited for the Big 12 is expected to join the volleyball team in 2014.

    Lewis said because volleyball recruits so early, it complicates things when a school switches conferences. Having so many freshmen on the team will be a learning experience for the whole team, she said.

    “It’s a big process, but that’s what makes it fun when you have an entirely new class every year,” Lewis said.

    The team and its new players will make their home debut tomorrow against UNT at 6:30 p.m.