Student organizations talk risk management training


    The Office of Student Organizations began the year by providing mandatory risk management training for presidents of student organizations to ensure the safety of all members.

    According to the Student Organization Handbook, under Texas Senate Bill 1138, all student organizations must attend a risk management training session led by the Office of Student Organizations.

    Ebony Rose, assistant director of the Leadership Center, was in charge of conducting the session this year.

    In Rose's introduction, she said the training was intended to help presidents of each organization understand different types of risks including: alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual harassment, fire safety, fire arms and external travel.

    Rose said she believes students who serve in a leadership role are responsible for ensuring the safety and care of their organization's members.

    "What we try to do is allow our presidents to feel empowered, and give them the information they need to be successful in their tenure and to keep their members safe and happy and have a really good year," Rose said.

    Presentation attendees agreed about the importance of learning about risk management.

    "It really helps you determine what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do, and, as president, I want my members to be safe," Julia Arnold, president of TCU Foodies, said.

    Kathleen D'Urso, president of the university's chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, said she thinks the training is primarily important for making first-year students feel safe and comfortable.

    D'Urso said that she learned a lot during the session about traveling by car, which will be important for her organization.

    "Our group is heading to California at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara this year, so that’s definitely something we need to do more research on," D'Urso said.

    Cameron Tabor, the men's director of the university's chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, said he also learned a lot about travel because his organization takes trips throughout the year.

    "It helps establish certain guidelines so that you know everybody in your group is safe," Tabor said.

    Rose said she feels it is important to show the presidents all the support they have so that they can confidently start the year's activities.