Fruitealicious bubble tea coming to GrandMarc


    University students craving bubble tea do not have to wait much longer.

    When Fruitealicious opens Sept. 20 in the GrandMarc, bubble tea will be available within walking distance from campus.

    According to, bubble tea is a beverage that originated in Taiwan. Its signature ingredient is "boba," a chewy ball made of tapioca.

    Owner Jon Pei said bubble tea is not the only beverage Fruitealicious has to offer.

    "We really make bubble 'drinks' instead of just bubble 'tea,'" Pei said. "Everything on our drink menu you can customize with the bubbles you want."

    Fruitealicious customers will have the ability to choose from a variety of drinks including tea, lemonade, soda and smoothies. Customers can then mix in whatever “bubbles” they choose, with options such as fruit, flan pudding, popping boba and traditional boba.

    Students can also look forward to a special TCU-themed drink that will debut when the store opens.

    “It's a surprise until then,” Pei said.

    In addition to beverages, Fruitealicious will offer a variety of rice krispies in flavors such as Oreo, s’mores and Fruity Pebbles.

    The GrandMarc establishment will be Fruitealicious's third location. Stores in Frisco and Carrollton both have four and a half star reviews on Yelp.

    Oscar Roel, a sophomore strategic communication major, said he was thrilled when he learned Fruitealicious was coming to Fort Worth.

    “Fruitealicious is always an upbeat place with great customer service, music and drinks,” Roel said. “You can never have a bad day when you're at Fruitealicious.”

    Fruitealicious has seen some hard days, however.

    When its first location opened in 2008, business was a struggle, and Pei said he realized that selling traditional bubble tea was not enough.

    “Within a year, we were close to going out of business,” Pei said, “and I knew that the traditional products we sold were not what I was really passionate about.”

    Pei said he decided to revamp the business and let the customers and staff make the rules.

    Since then, Pei said Fruitealicious has had a great deal of success.

    “We treat customers as our friends, and we really thank our wonderful customers for the success we have achieved in the short time we have been in business,” Pei said.