New Frog Club for students leaves some unsure of its purpose


    Many students have signed up to be members of the new Student Frog Club, but some are still unsure of what being a part of this organization actually means.

    Some students thought it would guarantee them football tickets while others thought it would expedite the ticket-buying process, Tyler Quinn, a junior journalism major, said.

    Others, like Lanicia Carver, a freshman biology major and club member, are unsure of what the club is really about.

    “I have no clue," Carver said. "I think it has something to do with sports, but I’m not very sure.”

    According to its website, Student Frog Club is "a student philanthropy group that was formed in 2013 with the premise of educating current students on the mission, motives and benefits of the TCU Frog Club."

    In previous years, Frog Club was exclusively for alumni. Now students can tap into some of the benefits of the original Frog Club while they are still in school.

    "By being a Student Frog Club member, students can start accumulating points before they graduate, so that way they have a better chance of getting tickets when they are alumni,” Michael Levy, young alumni membership coordinator, said.

    Frog Club runs on the Horned Frogs Priority Points System. Members accrue points by donating a minimum of $25 per year. They can gain additional points through various means, including further donations and repeatedly purchasing season tickets.

    According to the club's website, members with the most points receive privileges such as being able to purchase season tickets in advance. Student Frog Club allows current students to begin to rack up points, but they cannot use them until after they graduate.

    “The main reason the Student Frog Club was started was there was all of these young alumni that would graduate and wanted football tickets, but tickets would be gone before they could purchase any," Levy said.

    Another appealing reward for club membership is the Frog Card program, which provides discounts at places such as the university bookstore and Buffalo Bros Pizza, Wings & Subs.

    When asked how she has benefited from the club so far, Carver said, “Well, I got a free T-shirt. And we get discounts at certain places with our Frog Club card.”

    Student Frog Club members also have priority when it comes to tickets for athletic events. While it does not guarantee tickets, Student Frog Club members are put at the top of the list when the ticket office does a lottery, Levy said.

    Members also receive inside access to TCU Athletics through the “Horned Frog Sports Report," a newsletter that provides updates on the athletics department.

    In addition, the coordinators of the Student Frog Club are planning special activities for members such as exclusive tailgating events during baseball season, Levy said.

    To join, visit the Student Frog Club website.