Market Square has a new night solution for hungry Frogs


    Market Square is now open from 10 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday, so hungry students don’t have to leave campus.

    Breakfast tacos, cinnamon rolls, hamburgers, waffles, pasta and stir-fry are all on the nighttime menu.

    Director of Housing and Residence Life Craig Allen said the expanded schedule was implemented for several reasons.

    He said it was common for him to hear from students who had events that went past 9 p.m., causing them to miss dinner. It also adds value to the unlimited meal plan.

    Students with an unlimited plan can swipe in for late night, while everyone else will simply pay the door rate, he said.

    First-year strategic communication major Mallory Plummer said the late hours work better with her schedule.

    “I have a job, so I work all day Sundays and then I’m in a sorority, so I have [chapter meeting] Sunday nights,” she said. “I usually don’t get to eat dinner, so I like to come late at night and they have a lot of good food.”

    For other students, extended Market Square hours provide an opportunity for a late night snack and hanging out with friends.

    “I get the munchies late at night and this is so convenient. I’m just hungry all the time,” Alonzo Thompson, a sophomore modern dance major, said.

    Junior nursing major Danny Kolzow said he enjoys spending time in Market Square with friends.

    “I come to the BLUU this late at night so I can spend good time with my best friends and so I can snack on delicious treats,” he said.

    Allen said the new late hours have been very successful so far.

    “It becomes a social place to socialize and study and get food, and I think when you add food and socializing and studying together it’s something that students want,” he said. “I absolutely believe it will continue next semester.”