Shirt mocking SMU alumnus selling across the country


    A store on Blue Bonnet Circle is getting national attention all because of a t-shirt.

    Owners of The Varsity, a store that sells TCU merchandise, designed a t-shirt that says “CJK5H.” The acronym translates to “Craig James Killed Five Hookers.”

    James is a former Southern Methodist University football player who later played in the NFL. He then worked as a sports broadcaster and ran for U.S. Senate last year.

    A Google "bomb" started a few years ago claiming James killed five prostitutes during his time at SMU.

    Beau Davis, co-owner of The Varsity, said a Google bomb occurs when people put so many comments and phrases on websites that those websites eventually become some of the first Google results to show up when a subject is searched.

    Davis said with all the attention the t-shirts are getting, he has almost sold out.

    “We ordered 100 of them. They came in on Monday and I have probably 15 left now,” he said. “We have another 100 coming in Friday before the game.”

    “After they went viral, I’ve been sending them all over the U.S.”

    He said news of the shirt went viral after the sports blog made a post about it, and then another post appeared on the Dallas Observer website.

    Davis said he has orders from Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia and Massachusetts.

    The hoax was "totally made up by somebody” and has no validity, he said.

    Davis said he thought about designing the shirt last year, but put it off because this year’s Battle for the Iron Skillet is taking place at TCU.

    “I’ve had a lot of people think [the shirts] are really funny and [are] coming in to get them,” he said.

    But Davis said not all customers understand the shirt is a joke.

    “I’ve gotten one phone call from a woman who was pretty displeased that we were selling them,” he said. “But, I don’t know that she totally understood that it was a joke that’s been around on the Internet for a couple of years.”

    According to the Dallas Observer blog post, the hoax is the reason James lost the race for Senate and now, “it has come back to haunt his alma mater.”

    The shirts are available at The Varsity at 3515 Blue Bonnet Circle.