Candidate for Student Affairs position discusses campus wellness


    Student wellness and success is the main priority for Adrienne Otto-Frame, one of the candidates for associate vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of campus

    She said the job of university faculty is to adhere to the mission statement and educate individuals to be responsible and ethical.

    Frame, one of three candidates for the position, held an open campus interview Monday to discuss the wellness and safety of college students.

    To encourage and instill wellness in students, Frame suggested faculty and staff take a number of proactive measures. Some of these actions include developing supportive relationships and partnerships on campus, which Frame noted the school does well.

    She also suggested the administration educate students on the best measures for personal safety, and to offer different activities to engage students and faculty in wellness activities and programs.

    Frame said students need to be informed on positive ways to stay healthy, happy and engaged. Wellness also comes from proper sleep and nutrition, physical activity and academic wellness.

    “To be well means to be a balanced person,” Frame said. “I want students to be successful for life.”

    Frame said she believes one the best actions faculty and staff can follow is to take care of themselves and be positive role models for students.

    The other two candidates, David Cozzens and Art Munin will also hold open campus interviews. Cozzens is scheduled to speak Friday, Oct. 4 from 3-4 p.m. in the Chambers of the Brown Lupton University Union while Munin will speak Monday, Oct. 7 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the Chambers as well.