Students point out dangerous pedestrian areas on campus


    A growing campus means students are beginning to use areas without crosswalks on their daily commute to class.

    Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor for student affairs, said she wants to know where these areas are located.

    “The way students get to classes has changed dramatically over the last few years because of the onset of more parking lots,” she said. “So perhaps students should tell us where they’re having problems crossing on the east side of campus as well.”

    A survey revealed problem areas for pedestrians include the following intersections: Princeton Street and South University Drive, South University Drive overall, Berry Street and Wabash Avenue, Stadium Drive and Bellaire Drive North, as well as Lubbock Avenue and West Lowden Street.

    Chaney Uhles, a senior general studies major, said she is guilty of crossing South University in areas without crosswalks.

    “When you’re running late to class, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” she said.

    Windsor Zweifel had a different view about being late to class.

    “I try to remember that I shouldn’t dart out in front of cars because my life is more important than getting to class on time,” said the senior nursing major.

    Uhles said drivers don’t yield to pedestrians nearly enough and that commuters are usually in too much of a rush to stop.

    According to a survey taken by 72 university students, the intersection at Stadium Drive and Bellaire Drive North is the most dangerous area for pedestrians on campus.

    Cavins-Tull said the university and the City of Fort Worth have had multiple meetings about the intersection. Possible plans for the intersection include LED lit crosswalks or a traffic light.

    “One thing about our students is that they cross wherever they want to cross, even if there is a crosswalk,” she said. “We’ve been working with the city to determine the best way to safely cross pedestrians there, but I’m not sure we have a solution yet.”

    Senior nursing major Hailey Sisson said the new Lowden Street parking lot has brought a lot of traffic to the area behind Smith Hall, which makes it more difficult to be on time for class.

    In 2012, Fort Worth police officers started issuing citations to students who jaywalked across University.

    Ryan Knight, a junior economics major, said he would stop jaywalking if he were to receive a ticket for it.

    “If I deem it’s safe and no cars are in sight, I think it’s fine,” he said.

    The university has yet to make plans to implement more pedestrian crosswalks around campus, Cavins-Tull said.