TCU police amp up Halloween presence


    While students attend parties and engage in various festivities this Halloween weekend, the TCU Police Department will be increasing its presence on campus.

    Sgt. Kelly Ham said the increase in police presence is an effort to reduce crime, specifically vandalism.

    “We’re going to be increasing our patrol staff both of the evening and the midnight shift in anticipation of some vandalism possibly,” he said.

    The department’s decision to be more noticeable this weekend isn’t a surprise to first-year psychology and journalism double major Donald Griffin.

    “I definitely expect there to be some patrolling during Halloween weekend. I know there’s going to be drinking that goes on,” he said. “They should definitely make sure students are safe getting to and from whatever parties they’re going to.”

    Although the department’s weekend goal is to prevent vandalism on campus, there has only been one incident of vandalism on Halloween within the past four years, according to the TCU Police Crime and Fire Log.

    In 2011, an area of Tom Brown-Pete Wright was spray-painted.

    Senior musical theater major Rashaun Sibley said he doesn’t doubt the TCU Police Department’s ability to prevent crime and keep students safe this weekend.

    “They’re always ready. They’re always on call. If you give them a call, they’re there in two minutes. [They] should just keep doing what they do,” he said.

    In the midst of the many Halloween activities available for students to participate in, Ham said it’s important for students to make smart decisions.

    “Just be aware of what’s going on around you, avoid over-indulging in alcoholic beverages and use common sense,” he said.

    If students see anything suspicious or need help in the case of an emergency this weekend, as always, Ham advises them to call the TCU Police Department at (817) 257-7777 or 911.