TCU ranks second in Big 12 liquor violations


    Compared to the nine other universities in the Big 12 Conference, TCU ranks second in liquor law violations, eighth in drug violations and third in forcible sex offenses.

    Three of the most common crimes on TCU’s campus include liquor law violations, drug violations and forcible sex offenses.

    The University of Kansas has the most liquor law violations with 728.

    Texas Tech University leads in drug violations with 524.

    The University of Oklahoma and Iowa State University both have 12 forcible sex offenses, the most out of the Big 12 schools.

    TCU police Sgt. Kelly Ham said he compiles the information and writes TCU’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

    Liquor law violations on TCU’s campus have increased by almost 200 in the past two years. Ham attributes this increase to the attentiveness of TCU officials.

    “The police have been more vigilant, and so have the hall directors and [resident assistants],” he said.

    Ham said that he hopes students read the report so they are aware of what’s going on around them.

    “As safe as TCU is, there’s still crime occurring here,” Ham said.

    Ham said that the annual crime report and the daily crime log help maintain the transparency of the TCU Police Department.

    “We intend to let everybody know exactly what’s happening on this campus. We don’t try to hide numbers, we’re very upfront, very open,” he said.

    All colleges are required to publish an annual crime report under the Campus Security Act, also known as the Clery Act.